Math Kobold
Learn fast mental arithmetic while having fun...


Mental Arithmetic

Maths Kobold supports young students in primary school with learning mental arithmetic in various number spaces. They accompany the Math Kobold on his adventures and drive away annoying opponents by solving mental arithmetic problems. They choose the right one between two possible results by touching the corresponding side of the screen. If you choose the wrong result or if you take too long, a life will be deducted from the Kobold. But don't worry, such a goblin can take a lot. If the Math Kobold has driven away all opponents with the correct solutions, a box of gold is waiting at the end of the level, but it is again well guarded.

Our own children and their friends (grades 1 - 6) contributed to the development and gave us many suggestions for improvement on how to turn an educational game into a game where you learn on the side and the motivation and desire for math is the main focus. Mental arithmetic is learned while you accompany the Kobold through the woods and meadows with a casual sound. In the simple difficulty levels, the children can often recognize the correct result by estimating them and thus remain motivated even if they still have to catch up. In the higher levels of difficulty, you really have to calculate in your head. Even the multiplication tables are so easy to memorize without dull memorization. And the Math Kobold is really happy with tasks that are solved particularly quickly.

We have often been asked why our app is not free of charge or financed by advertising. We think that advertising has no place in kids apps. Often children don't play on their own devices and then advertisements are shown, which are actually for adults and rather disturb the children. In addition, advertisements distract and reduce the fun of playing, which is supposed to be the main focus of Math Kobold. Even though developers earn more money with advertising for frequent use than for a fixed price, we are convinced: no advertising, no in-app purchases. And whoever visits our company homepage will immediately realize that the Math Kobold is not our main activity. ;-)

Where can I get the app?

Now available on iOS! We are already working on a version for Android (estimate: Q1/2021).


If you have any requests or suggestions for improvement, let us know and we will try to take your suggestions into account in further development.